Jedi mind witch


Vaster Straxx
Medium Miralukan Scoundrel 1 / Jedi 3
Destiny 4; Force 1 (daily); Dark Side 0
Init +3; Senses darkvision (see below); Perception +4
Languages Basic, Miralukan, Bothese

Defenses Ref 18 (flat-footed 16), Fort 17, Will 15
hp 40; DR 0; Threshold 17
Immune n/a
Weakness n/a

Speed 6 squares
Melee Lightsaber +5 (2d8+2)
Ranged Blaster pistol +5 (3d6+2)
Base Atk +3
Atk Options
Special Actions
Force Powers Known Mind Trick, Move Object, Vital Transfer, Battlestrike, Force Slam, Surge
Abilities Str 10, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 18
Special Qualities Force Sight: No penalties due to sight normally, ignore darkness as if they had darkvision. Ignore all penalties to Perception due to cover and concealment (but not total cover or total concealment). DC for Use the Force checks made to Sense Surroundings against targets in total cover are not increased. However they cannot see creatures invisible to the Force (Yuuzhan Vong and Ysalmiri) and any creatures in an area that dampens or suppresses the Force causes the Miraluka to suffer total concealment penalties vs those targets.
Talents Fool's Luck, Illusion (JATM), Masquerade (JATM)
Feats Skill Training: Use the Force (Free from GM per Houserule), Force Training I (Racial), Force Sensitive, Point Blank Shot, Weapon Proficiency (Pistols), Weapon Proficiency (simple weapons), Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber), Force Training II, Weapon Finesse (Lightsaber)
Skills Deception +11, Gather Information +11, Pilot +9, Stealth +9, Persuasion +11, Use the Force +11


  • Utility belt
    • Energy cell upgrade to light saber
    • Upgrade to comlink, encrypted
  • Credit chip
    • 4835 unspent credits in assorted currency
  • Pocket scrambler
  • Flight suit
  • Aquata breather
  • Audio recorder
  • All temperature cloak
  • Concealed light saber holster
    • Green lightsaber
  • Concealed blaster holster
    • Blaster pistol

Vaster Straxx is an attractive woman, slightly above average height according to human standards with a slender, graceful build. Her dark hair is usually pulled back away from her face. She always wears goggles or other technological type of vision filters. Her skin, while naturally olive toned, is fair and clear from lack of exposure to solar rays. She is generally friendly and engaging, able to blend well with just about any type of company. Her lips are often twisted in a slight smile and her voice is even pitched and musical even to the extremely discerning ear.

Her race/species is not commonly known and most assume that she is as human as she appears.


Born to middle class parents on the planet of Talus, Vaster’s early life was pretty unremarkable. However, when she was thirteen her parents were murdered. They were able to warn Vaster to flee, and she did. She took to the streets, where she raised herself until she was “discovered” by a very canny Bothan who recognized her unique abilities. He took her under his wing and trained her (most likely to one day be part of the Bothan Spynet). On one of her jobs, she was caught by a Jedi, who recognized her force talents. He brokered a deal with both Vaster and the Bothan, thus beginning her career as a jedi.


Vaster was born on Talus to Avron and Lelia Straxx. Her parents worked at the capitol city’s enormous library – Lelia as a researcher and Avron as a grounds keeper. Vaster’s childhood was that of a normal middle class working family.

Her entire life changed, however, in her thirteenth year. The day had begun normally with classes, some time visiting with friends, then home to wait for her parents’ return from work. Late that evening, the communicator buzzed, and upon seeing that it was from her mother at the library, Vaster answered. It was indeed her mother, barely disguising the panic and desperation in her voice, who gave her daughter very specific instructions.

Lelia told Vaster to pack an overnight bag and then withdraw all the funds from their bank account. Lelia told her daughter to go to the starport and book passage on the next ship to Corellia, the capitol planet in the system, no matter what the cost. Vaster was told that they would meet her there in two days. Lelia said that there was trouble. Her last instructions to Vaster was to tell no one of her race and to pretend as best she could that she was a normal human.

Vaster did as she was told with relative ease. That evening there was indeed a freighter heading to Corellia for repairs and upgrades, and the captain of that vessel was more than willing to relieve a young lady of several thousand credits to deliver her there to visit her family. Soon, Vaster found herself alone on Corellia, and she checked into a hotel near the starport.

The days came and went as she waited for her parents. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and soon her funds were out. She found herself sleeping in the streets and stealing her food, and Vaster learned quickly how to avoid dangerous people and situations, and CorSec.

Then one day, she tried to pick the pocket of the wrong Bothan. She should have known better than to steal from one of those very canny beings. Regardless, he caught her at it. However, rather than turn her over to the authorities (he had his own reasons for not wanting to draw that kind of attention), he looked at the malnourished girl and took her to the nearest cantina to feed her.

….to be continued….


31 ABY-Vaster is born

44 ABY-Vaster flees Talus to Corellia, is discovered by the Fsy Sei and joins the Bothan Spynet. During her time on Corellia she briefly knows a Arkania Offshoot street urchin named Mav (Matt’s character) before leaving Corellia.

46 ABY-Vaster is discovered by Jedi Knight & Investigator Vance Nor during a mission for the Bothans. Vance offers to train Vaster, but Fsy Sei is unwilling to give up his protege for any price. Vance asks for the assistance of Jedi Master Gabriel Harrington who arrives on the scene and negotiates a deal to release Vaster to the Jedi to being training.

49 ABY-Vance Nor is killed by a unknown Dark Jedi (a bald, tall asian male with a large mustache. He wields two lightsabers) while investigating rumors of the Sith on the planet Marsan. Vaster is saved by the appearance of local security forces before the Dark Jedi can finish her off. Soon after Vaster is found by the Jedi Knight Delia Shaan who already has an apperntice, a female Ryn named Vintis, but Delia takes Vaster on as an apprentice for the time being. Delia explains that the Jedi are being hunted and that it is best for now to go underground.


  • Favorites
    • Food – Corellian Ryshcate
    • Beverage – Whyrren’s Reserve (a rare, expensive Corellian whiskey with an amber color and a crisp, woody taste)
    • Color – Green
    • Gemstone – Green
    • Animal – Corellian sand panther and the Song rasp
    • Season – Warm
    • Time of day – late, late night
    • Smell – Freshly cut Velanie flowers
    • Flower – the Velanie flower
  • Prized Possessions
    • A case of Whyrren’s Reserve. It is kept in a special, hard metallic case to protect both the bottles themselves, and the integrity (taste, color, texture, etc) of the beverage inside.
    • Sentimental Bauble: A slender opaque white stone medallion given to her by her mother on her tenth birthday.


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