Gabriel Harrington

Lord Dean of the Grey Order


Gabriel Harrington is an imposing presence and continually radiates a calm aura of command. He is 5’10” with piercing blue eyes and black hair which has begun to go grey.

(The use of the picture is intentional. Just imagine if Gabriel Byrne was in a Star Wars film and you have Gabriel Harrington)


Gabriel Harrington was born into an aristocratic family on Celetan, which is near Corescant, and served as an assistant to the Ambassador from his home world before Luke Skywalker found out Harrington was Force Sensitive.

He was one of the first students to join Luke Skywalker’s Praxeum in 11 ABY and was one of its first graduates. After achieving his Knighthood he used his combination of diplomatic skills and understanding of the Force to solve several diplomatic conflicts. He became famous for negotiating peace treaties with several Imperial Remnants. Later he averted war a between the New Republic and the technologically advanced Khil civilization.

Harrington is known to have been rivals with Leia Organa Solo. While Leia perused her political career more than her studies of the Force, Harrington spent much more of his time learning the ways of the Force. Many in the HoloNet media speculated that Solo and Harrington were too similar to one another to ever be allies.

It is also rumored that he was the only other candidate in the running to be elected Grand Master of the Jedi order in ABY 46, but lost the election to Anakin Solo.

Gabriel Harrington

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