Ful Kosh

Lord Admiral of the Grey Order


In either her Admirals’ uniform or the robes of a Grey Lord Kosh has the erect bearing of a soldier. Standing a 5’11” she is taller than most females of her species with shoulder length black hair.


From the Outer Rim world of Xil, Ful Kosh had a typical Zabrak upbringing of hardship in a dangerous environment.

Kosh’s name became famous after the battle on Beta 4 station with Janis Farr. The epic conflict between Kosh and the Dark Jedi Farr lead to the destruction of the entire station and both combatants were presumed dead. In reality both Kosh and Farr escaped station before it exploded. Since then Kosh, now presumed dead, was free to organize the Exodus while Lord Harrington could continue in a public role and secretly acquiring resources for the fleet.

Ful Kosh

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