Star Wars: The Exodus

Session 1


Originally in separate groups, this session brings the PCs together. The heroes are informed of a plot to leave Republic space by Force users that disagree with the policies of Anakin Solo as leader pro tempore of the Jedi Council. Their role will be the capture of a supply ship for the voyage (piracy). The heroes are smuggled onto the target vessel in experimental deep sleep pods. Three groups send four agents. The group callsigns for the mission are White Dwarf (Vaster), Red Moon (Fando and Mav), and Beta IV Station (a Sullustan).

The pod for the Beta IV Station agent failed and he was horribly burned, the other agents survive. Mav and Vaster have a reunion as they knew each other as children. The Sullustan’s stuff is looted and divvied up amongst the party (no equipment list created, just for plot purposes) the only item specifically mentioned was the Sullustan’s light saber.

Upon awakinging, the heroes do some basis reconnaissance through the airducts and get access to a computer terminal. A plan is concocted to fabricate an emergency that will force the passengers of the freighter to abandon ship. They begin the process of sneaking up to the bridge via the ducts when a force sensitive individual detects them crawling around (it is unknown to the PCs if they were detected previously by other means or if the force sensitive individual did it all on his own).

It is learned that the discoverer is a former Jedi student, now farmer on some fringe world, and the ship and its supplies are for that world. In addition to the freighter’s crew are also women and children travelling home from Corellia. The standoff goes rather poorly when the judicious use of the threat of explosives convinces the farmer to report to the bridge the situation. The use of a Force Illusion that seemingly trembles the ship finally forces everyone off. The ship is brought to a halt and as the crew and passengers leave via escape pods it is learned that the Republic was contacted and a light cruiser has arrived on the scene.

The heroes “dial home” to inform their masters that the ship is captured but there’s a complication… the light cruiser. Then stall for time as they’re informed that help is on the way. Just as the ship shields (boosted via rerouting power from life support, engines, and all other systems) are failing a Mon Calamari warship arrives and blows the light cruiser out of space. The adventure concludes with the party doing a hyperspace jump to rendesvous with the rest of the Exodus Fleet.



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