Star Wars: The Exodus

Out of the tunnels

I have no idea who will one day find these recordings. I suppose it doesn’t really matter. I am Mavet Lavan or simply Mav. I find myself in space on a bulk freighter of some kind and with the high probability of not having to return to the Selonian Tunnels of Corellia where I have spent the majority of my life until now. I’m on this ship because I was told to steal it by my master for purposes I’m not quite sure I yet understand.
That the Jedi Council is corrupt is beyond question… that Anakin Solo is unfit to sit his chair is also clear. However, practicality dictates that those who lack power had best lay low, get power, or flee. I suspect that we are doing all three. But I can’t help but wonder… are we any different? Where’s the difference? Scale and scope?
As a user of the Force, am I not part of a long line of tradition dating back generations of abusing my power at the expense of the people who lack that power? The previous occupants of this freighter were, for the most part, peaceful. They were simply living their lives as best they can. For reasons beyond their control, Force users chose their ship to be stolen and so it was. Supplies and property taken and persons and families put at risk. Why? Because somebody… greater than they… decided that their particular problems were more significant. I’m sure Solo justifies all his actions by the same set of scales.
Perhaps our goals are more significant than a bunch of farmers on a backwater. I certainly hope so… after all, that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing… I was fully prepared and willing to cut down a farmer and former student of the Force as well as his son to accomplish my mission if need be… ultimately I didn’t have to… but all this still leaves a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth.
The Jedi are supposed to be better than this… or at least… that’s what I believed as a child when I heard the stories… but then again, maybe they were just impractical ideals told and retold as morality lessons. Do I agree with that morality play? Who’s play was it to begin with? I have my own reasons for participating in this Exodus. Master said that it was so that we could relearn what was forgotten about using the Force. Fine. But in the end, I don’t think The Force gives a flying Mynock’s left wing one way or another about what its users do with it.
So this Exodus is really about the accumulation of power. To what end? Displace Solo and his cronies? To what end? Establish another dynasty of Force users who are just as indifferent to what their power plays do to the little people all around them as the previous one? Seems so pointless. There’s got to be a better way.



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