Star Wars: The Exodus

From the dust

I have just concluded my report to the Grey Lords about our discovery. I still almost don’t believe it myself – I find myself in a place that I didn’t really believe existed before. Now the reality stares me … literally … in the face. I am stationed aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer that clearly once was the vessel of Lord Vader. I rather thought Vader was a myth until I reached down into a life support … well egg for lack of a better term … and pulled out what seems to be an older model of Lord Vader’s distinctive helmet. The echos of the force reverberated strong in his quarters.

As for me, I again have a master who will continue my training in the ways of the Force. Grey Lord Ful Kosh has accepted me as her apprentice. I have no illusions about the pain I will endure under her teaching. I will accept it and suffer through it. At the other end of the pain will possibly be the power I seek to affect my own destiny. Time will tell.

On a personal note, my sense of irony cannot help but observe that she who’s primary color is black – clothing, hair, markings – has chosen a male apprentice who cannot help but be white. Is it some cosmic dichotomy or the Force seeking balance? Perhaps I put too much thought into things.



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